:Vehicle tracking system :

Vehicle tracking system

Second World Solutions offers location tracking services that makes it possible for businesses to manage and track their resources in real-time. Our real time vehicle tracking system can be integrated quickly in your existing systems, helping you to a great extent in saving time and money and helps you in running a more efficient operation. Features of our vehicle tracking system

  • Real Time Tracking – With our tracking system you can view live position of the vehicle along with speed, alerts, location and status.
  • Define Areas of Operations – With our Geo fencing feature you can easily designate area of operation and you’ll receive alerts with every violation.
  • Reduce Paper Work – We aim to improve efficiency by minimize human intervention, and keeping records completely digital.
  • Stop Unauthorized Usage – You can easily prevent unauthorized company vehicles usage, especially for personal reasons.
  • Customer Delight – We offer complete customer satisfaction, and make sure you are capable of doing the same. With our tracking system you can send the nearest vehicle when a new job pops up.
  • Performance Track– We enable you to track your performance metrics and keep track of critical data.
  • Immobilizing – You also get the option of remotely immobilise the vehicle to prevent unauthorised usage.
  • Optimize Usage – With our tracking system you can optimize your usage and get alert information that can help you track trends for trips taken, miles driven, utilization per day, vehicle maintenance, engine hours, and much more
  • Low prices – Second World vehicle tracking system is offered at lowest price possible and comes packed with an excellent after sales support. We offer great value for every penny you spend.

At Second World we ensure that our team come up with high tech and advanced solutions which are user friendly and quite useful for all sort of users. We design every function in such a manner that it can be used easily and effectively. It is designed keeping usability and feature packed functions. With vehicle tracking system offered by Second World you can manage your fleet quite easily without any hassle. Our tracking system will help you to track even the smallest activity of your vehicle – Where did the driver stop the car? The turn he took? Any change in the route? Fuel used, and all other related activities. We will help you to improve your business productivity as well. We are known and listed among the top vehicle tracking system provider in the market today and we have offered our tracking system to many top companies.

When it comes to vehicle tracking system, the reputation we have built over the years is quite unbeatable. Our team is young, dynamic and quite efficient. We are dedicated towards providing services based on vehicle tracking system. Our system will help you make informed decisions about each and every vehicle in your fleet. Our on-demand activity information, reports and prompt alerts will help you make intelligent business decisions quickly and efficiently.