: Your Right Custom Software Partner :

Second World Solutions is an outsourcing company providing a complete range of custom software development services for a long list of business and verticals domains. Whether you are an established business or a start-up, our team at Second World Solutions will be happy to help you out at every level of software development from business analysis, conceptualization and prototyping to finally developing and deployment of a final solution.

How can Second World Solutions helps ?


If you are looking forward for a system that drives innovation or your existing systems are failing you to take an edge over your competitors, we will help you sort things out and get them back on the right track with a collaborative planning engagement, with the aim of keeping the focus completely on driving ROI and business value.


At Second World Solutions, we make sure that we plan, design, build and uphold custom software applications which help you solve your toughest business issues, carry out measurable results for the business and seamlessly fit into your current systems and processes.


After delivering you the final product, we make sure that things keep running smoothly so that you have your complete focus set on your business. For your applications, we will setup a production environment and make sure that it gets regular server updates, nightly backups, security updates, performance monitoring and regular bug fixes.

What makes us stand out ? 

Usability and Ease-of-use-

Our experts make sure that the app we build for you is intuitive, straightforward and easy to navigate on both - mobile or desktop. Usability and ease to use is given the top priority by our experts while building an application. We generally start with user flows and UI prototyping to generate meaningful and easy user experiences.

Low risk development:-

With the help of our expert software development team, we can build complex applications as per your needs that can efficiently handle changing processes and requirements. We make sure that the quality of overall product is maintained through a thorough QA process.

Best-in-class talent:-

We take complete pride on our pool of talent of professionals and we believe in investing continuously in their certification and further education by industry leaders.

Superior quality product:-

We take complete advantage of our testing and QA expertise to provide our customers with best in the class product. Our team of experts specializes in different types of QA practices and testing whenever and wherever it makes sense that can help in delivering faster results.

Driving innovation:–

We believe in driving innovation by offering new revenue opportunities, content and monetizing data that can help you to stay completely focused on driving better customer experience.If your company is based in Lucknow or Kanpur, get in touch with us and our engineering team will build software that can help your company to stand shoulder to shoulder with industry leaders. We will help you outperform your competition and increase your overall revenues. Let us join hands and give your company a new life.