Hospital Management Software:

It is essential for the hospitals to keep track records on the day-to-day basis and manage records of its patients, doctors, other staff personals details and it’s activity that keeps the hospital accurately functional. Our Hospital Management Software India is a tailor-made application designed to serve to the hospital complex business requirements, we are covering these given areas: - inpatient, outpatient, doctor availability, medical billing, pharmacy, accounts, pathology and radiology and indent management etc. These are highly specialized software function which is designed by us to take care of all aspects of hospital management information system.

Key Feature of our Hospital Management Software:

  • • HMS having uniformity so that it stores information centrally related to inpatient, outpatient, doctors etc.
  • • Hospital Management System manages records on real-time for checking availability of beds, doctor scheduling, appointment and availability of SOS services at present.
  • • POS and billing process to make immaculate and efficient billing without any kind of delay.
  • • Facilitates all types of documentation with all necessary steps in very easy manner.
  • • Very helpful in maintaining proper case study of each and every patient medical and other records.
  • • Very useful for hospital management team in maintaining the transparency at every level of administration.
  • • Inventory management with stock notification.
  • • Proper head wise Accounting and administration.
  • • Multiple user permission wise accessibilities for all type-round performances.

Offered software Platforms:

Hospital management software is now playing an essential role in hospital management process. It’s all modules are specifically designed for meeting the all possible requirements which can occur in any multi specialty hospital. Our Hospital Software covering all type of Base modules, Add-on modules and Specialty modules. Every standalone module can be implemented separately in a phased manner.

Base Module:

  • • Doctor Appointments
  • • Patient Registration
  • • Doctor Consultation/ Scheduling (OPD)
  • • Bed/Room Management (IPD)
  • • Billing and Accounts
  • • Packages and Health Plans
  • • Corporate and Insurance (TPA)
  • • Reports

Add-on Modules:

  • • Stores and Pharmacy
  • • Blood Bank
  • • Indent Management
  • • Complains/ House Keeping
  • • Financial Accounting
  • • Attendance and Payroll
  • • Duty Roster System
  • • OT Management
  • • Radiology
  • • Emergency/ Casualty
  • • Ambulatory Services
  • • Medical Transcription
  • • Material Management
  • • Asset Management

Specialty modules:

Additional modules can be seamlessly integrated to the HMS at any time. Customizations of software consisting of six different modules - deliverable modules are listed below.

  • • Periodical Medical Examination
  • • Identification of eligible employee and dependants
  • • Office Automation
  • • Corporate Pharmacy
  • • Stores automated Management
  • • Hospital multi specialty advance services


Our HMS track completes patient case study regarding the treatments being offered by hospital doctor’s team. The basic factor which involve in choosing right hospital management system is to understand and analyze the business workflow. Our Hospital software is having all applications which are suitable to meet a requirement of small and multi specialty Hospital. Our software caters a complete transparent management environment and integrates between different-2 verticals and ensures smooth functioning of a hospital management.

Reporting is another important feature of Hospital Management software. It can produce various type of accountings and other type of crystal reports. The data is updated and stored in real-time. We ensures data security and prevents misuse of information. It offers multi-user permission facility which ensures that multiple users can access to the hospital management software at simultaneously. As a user logs into the hospital management information system he/she would be able to access all the important details related to offer better service to a patient.