: Chat Services For Websites :

Engage With Visitors on the Website and Improve Overall Support-:

With Second World, you get a facility of live chat on your website. This live chat can be used by your agents to chat with your customers or first time visitors on your website or your mobile application. We offer multi channel live chat capabilities, where any agents from your company can work on emails, voice calls, and customer chats. Integrating Second World’s live chat service for your website, and attract the traffic on your website. If you looking forward to integrate chat service for website, we are here to help you.

Feature of Live Chat Service For Your Website-:

  • Track performance of your agent. You get an option to support and interact with your worldwide consumers from a one location.

  • You get an option to work with customers nationally as well as internationally right out of the box.

  • With this live chat service you can engage with your customers and attract traffic to your website.

  • Directly attract traffic to your website and you can turn that traffic in to sales.

  • With this chat feature you can give a personal touch and answer all the queries of the customer, at the time when they need the most. This solving problem on the spot will help you to close fast and convert visitors in to customers.

  • We offer ready reports that gives you real time access to the performance of your agent.

  • You get the option to offer personalized support.

  • Supervisor can track chats in real time chats and can answer on behalf of agent.

  • We also offer customization option. We are well aware of the fact that to increase sales, it is important to have a consistent experience across the website and chat box. With Second World, it gets easy to match exact colors, change preferred language of the customer and even add your own text.

  • Supervisor can track chats in real time chats and can answer on behalf of agent.

  • We also offer automated chat IVRs to lessen the workload of the agent.

  • While having a human interaction with customer is important for a business, we do offer an option of automate messages based on the behavior of the visitor on the website.

  • Security–

    Our live chat service on the website comes bundled with bunch of security features like -

  • The customer data remains completely on your server
  • No access to the third party
  • Chat Service works without Cookies. If needed, Cookies can be completely deactivated
  • Completely complies with security regulations and data privacy
  • Masked IP Addresses

  • Second World’s chat service for your website comes packed with a wide range of features to help you manage and customize your live chat experience. We at Second World believe that there is no faster way to support the first time visitors or long time customers than live chat support. Try our chat service right now and we promise to take your customer engagement to a whole new level.