: Software Automation :

Why Automated Testing?

At the time of developing a product, every software developer tests it thoroughly, yet the final software always come bundled with defects. Testers or engineers go all out to list down all kinds of loops and defects of the product before its final release but these defects generally creep in and often reappear, even after going through the best testing processes. Automation Test carried out by Second World Solutions is the best way to boost the efficiency, effectiveness, and coverage of the final software testing.

Software Automated testing has been considered essential for small as well as giant software development companies. Software Automation offered by Second World is affordable enough even for smaller developers, and start-ups. We offer pocket friendly yet powerful automation service that is the reason why our customer list includes many big and respected companies from around the world.

These days, software automated testing is considered as one of the most crucial step before the final software launch this due to following reasons -

  • Testing manually all work flows, codes, fields, negative scenarios, this is all time consuming and added expense.
  • Manually it gets almost impossible to test for multi lingual sites.
  • Since software automation does not require any sort of human intervention, it can run unattended overnight.
  • Automation helps in boosting test coverage.
  • Software automation enhances speed of test execution
  • Manual testing can be monotonous and boring; hence it is highly prone to errors.

Challenges Faced While Software Automation Test -

Although software automation test is a necessity and can’t be skipped, it is a challenging task in itself. Software companies face various tasks starting from choosing the third party company who can carry out the testing work on their behalf to selection of automation tool and recruitment of other resources to the continuous maintenance and utilization of automation assets

Some of the challenges faced while software automation includes -

  • Test engineers find manual automation testing hard.
  • Significantly high maintenance cost and upfront investment.
  • Software developers today incline more towards build products and not automate scripts.
  • Generally every automation tool requires perfect programming skills.
  • Implementation of overall automation strategy takes time.
  • Constraints of software automation is limited
  • It is an added expense to maintain automation scripts.
  • For heavy applications more than 50% of the time goes in maintenance and testing
  • The very first step towards designing and executing a best in the class automation strategy is having the right software automation solution.

In this highly competitive environment, Second World is a leading Software Automated Testing service provider with considerable experience and testing expertise in automation testing. We have a team of competent and skilled testers who are willing to work for you and carry out customized automation testing as per your needs, budget and scale of the project. Our cost effective and methodical processes will make sure that your software is production-ready and performance ready, with no risk.