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Why Referral Marketing?

Today a purchasing behaviour of a customer is influenced by digital media to a great extent. But long before social media like Facebook and Twitter, came in to existence and kept you looped in the virtual world, your social life or the so called physical network – the people around always had that impact on what you bought and where you bought it from. In fact, the most powerful force that can drive a business to a new height is the word of mouth. This is because people around you are well aware of what you want, when you want, and how to sell it to you.

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For a business today, customer acquisition is the number one challenge and the number one priority. Referral marketing not only helps companies reach out to the target potential customers but also helps the brand to reach to the people who are not yet aware of the product offered or the brand name. Referrals generate clients who are more loyal, have lifetime value and contribute more to the bottom line of the company than other customers.

Acquiring customers profitably is the key to the success of any company. Referral marketing helps a company to reach out to new customers cheaply by offering advertising discounts to customers in the form of coupons rather than paying some online third party for the advertising.

How does Second World works?

1.One your behalf our team at Second World will host referral program which will help in extending our customer reach. We will link your website to the existing online platforms; and your customers will have an option to refer your brand and product to their friends using different social channels like Facebook, Twitter, Messenger, and LinkedIn, Email, Text messaging, and even through word of mouth. We will let this social recommendation engine help you keeps running for your business to heights.

2.Those customers who are directly linked to your online business - makes regular purchase, order a service, book consultation, and refer their friends through various digital platforms. Second World tracks their activities and issue them rewards points for their work.

3.We at Second World offer you an option of building your customer base at half price of the acquisition cost of other such promotional activities. We share with you detailed analytics of your program’s performance, and make sure that your brand name and value stays ahead of your competitors.

4.Our team tracks the activity of the customers and offer them different rewards for their referrals, this not only encourage them to refer again but also builds your loyal customer base.

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