: Payment and E-Wallet Integration :

Payment and E-Wallet Integration

An e-wallet system is like an online cabin that securely stores passwords and payment information of the user for faster payment methods. Users can easily and quickly complete their purchases simply by using a digital wallet. These digital wallets can be used along with the mobile payment systems, which lets customer to pay online in just few clicks with their mobile phones. Apart from the online payment, users can also use these wallets to store digital coupons and loyalty card information.

Today, with the rise and success of e-wallet providers as an unconventional and alternative way for online payments, the concept of online wallets have gained tremendous traction and has grown in numbers as of late. E-wallets have recently grown n to safe and mature products with a practical future. Users are giving high value to its ease and security.

Second World Solutions offers the client access to a range of localized and international e-Wallets; put together all their strength, integrating it with our own expertise, our e-wallet is focused completely on industries, demographics, and country. Using e-Wallets services offered by Second World Solutions, you get all sorts of added benefits along with many local taxation and legislative issues.

E-wallet services by Second World Solutions help the online retailer to offer their products and services immediately to the end consumer. Second World Solutions helps both the consumer and retailer to track the real time online confirmation. Apart from that we offer following features in our E wallet system –‘

  • High verification and security level
  • Fast integration
  • Matching and reporting on a daily basis
  • No more struggling with repatriation of funds
  • No longer a consumer have to share his card or bank details with the seller
  • Technical support team available 24 hours a day
  • Focus completely on protecting the information that gets exchanged during an online transaction.

  • Quick pay option
  • Payment gateway
  • E- Wallet

Why Second World is the best Payment and E-Wallet Integration for the client?
>p>Second World’s E wallet simplifies payment services by offering the best in the class payment solutions to online sellers and merchants and for consumers the safest and a secure place to make payments online. We are known to customize our e wallet solutions as per the business model of our client and design the service for their companies.