: Software Testing (QA/QC) :

Software Testing

With the growing number of smart phones, phablets and tablets and introduction of new operating systems requires regular updates, QA and testing has became more critical than ever before. Quality Assurance and software testing has been carried out for ages and generations now and testing is based completely on functional and business needs and requirements with the aim of spotting technical defects before the final launch. Impact of software on the end consumer is an afterthought. Even during the process, defect data is not effectively forced or represented due to lack of integral feedback loop. When it comes to Software testing and Quality assurance, Second World Solutions addresses almost every challenge at every step and the quality assurance is based on a scientific approach, which helps in unearthing technical issues and defects in advance, achieving high consumer satisfaction, and reducing overall cost.

Our team of quality engineers and assurance group will help you reinforce development initiatives, provide you testing infrastructure, reliable tech support across all range of software and hardware, and testing products that make sure every possible test is covered and end product is quality driven.

Our Approach -

  • Assurance of Quality Services - Services offered by Second World is designed to raise the bar of quality assurance organization with best in class team of engineers.
  • Infrastructure Testing Services – Our team at Second World, we help our client set up their own testing infrastructure to make sure that ongoing quality assurance is carried out perfectly.
  • Engineering Services – We offer a dedicated team of engineers for QA services especially for those clients who are willing to bring in the market their specialized software or hardware.
  • QA Products – We offer tools that are based on a unified QA framework, which you can use to enforce standardize processes, best practices, and leverage mobility, cloud, and social networking platforms.

Team of Professional Testers -

At Second World, all the testers are well trained and highly professional. Our Software testing and QA is the best discipline and we take great pride in it. We have experience in every area include telecommunications, financial services, to name a few, with us you can be sure that you are in the safe hands and our team of experts are indeed the best in the class that offers exemplary testing and QA services. Our team of experts have all the experience and knowledge needed. We at Second World have gained years of experience in having worked for years and with customers from different field and businesses.

For accurate and best software QA services for the SME or business, our team of testers will take care of your needs and requirements at every step. All you need is to hire us, and we will take care of your software, by thoroughly inspection because we are aware of the fact that the success of your software depends on our knowledge of your software. With us, you can be sure that you will always have an edge over your competitors.