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What is Affiliate Marketing ?

Affiliate marketing is online advertising, which lets online business owners to affiliate themselves with other web site owners using affiliate programs. These web sites owners are called affiliates or publishers. Affiliates make their money by generating leads, traffic and sales for the Merchants business. These online merchants who are doing business online use different types of affiliate program for commission payment.

Cost Per Sale (CPA) - A website visitor, one who is referred by the Affiliate, purchases goods from the Merchant website.This structure of payment is known to as cost per sale or cost per acquisition (CPA).

Cost Per Click (CPC) - A visitor to the Affiliates web site clicks on the banner of the Merchant and visits his web site.This structure of payment is referred to as – cost per click (CPC).

Cost Per Lead (CPL) – An Affiliate referred visitor who completes a form on the Merchants web site.This structure of payment is known as – cost per lead (CPL).

We at Second World specialize in offering our clients best affiliate program solutions in the market today that grabs attention of potential affiliates and helps in turning leads generated in to sales. So, if you are looking forward to add an affiliate program on your site, our affiliate service offers complete support at every step of building an affiliate program with selected networks.

If you want to integrate a new affiliate program to your website or it is already active and live, in both cases we thoroughly analyze it to make sure it is competently integrated with your website and you are getting noticed by the reputed affiliates.

Affiliate Marketing Solutions

  • Design the affiliate page on your web site
  • Set up the affiliate program of your
  • Add program, bio, auto reply emails
  • Install or fix the tracking code pixel
  • Upload text links and banners
  • Help you in recruiting new affiliates through organic search
  • Prohibit other affiliates from using your brand name keywords
  • Write regular content for affiliate invitation email, program bio, affiliate welcoming
  • Regular reports of progress of your affiliate programs

  • Affiliate marketing services offered by Second World can be easily customize as per the website, industry segment, current performance metrics, target visitors and as per the budget of the client. We at Second World can help you in planning your affiliate marketing requirements by carefully spotting affiliates online who can help in promoting your web site and business and get your brand name and products listed on their sites.

    Contact us today is you are looking for an affiliate marketing service that can help you in building your brand identity successful all over the web or if you want assistance in advertising your affiliate site and to earn good commissions.

    End Result

    With the efficient strategy of our team, you can be sure that you will have a long list of affiliates attached to your web site, which will not only increase your brand and product presence on the digital platform but will also help you connect to customers and build a loyal customer base.